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How Efficient Are Solar Panels?

How Efficient Are Solar PanelsSolar panels function on the principle of converting received energy, which reaches its surface into electricity. Most of the solar panels are converting less tan 14% of the energy into electricity. Even if the number seems small, it is fairly a good percent of converted energy. There is also a possibility to obtain solar panels, which are more efficient than that with percents of around 40 or 50, but the price rises accordingly.



Types Of Solar Cells: choose right device for home

Types Of Solar CellsIf you’ve decided to install solar cells for your house the next question that may arise is: “Which types of solar cells to choose?” Solar cells are fairly new on the market and majority of people are not that familiar with the different types of solar cells that exist, and even though, if they have heard about them, it is quite troublesome to make out what are their differences, and, what is far more important, what is the best quality-features and price ratio of the solar cells present on the market.



Environment Friendly Polymer Solar Cells

Polymer Solar CellsSolar cells are greatly recognized for its environment friendly features and characteristics. New technology of creating plastic solar cell which is using photovoltaic technology to conjugate molecules and polymers had given rise to polymer solar cells in the market. Polymer solar cells have attracted great attention due to their fine features of being environmentally friendly, highly efficient, relatively inexpensive, flexible, and lightweight.


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