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Solar-panel Sunglasses

Solar Powered SunglassesSolar-panel sunglasses are possibly the best and most logical solar gadget that you can ever think of. If you want to look at it from a rational perspective, then this device is quite useful and justified. Even though right now the design of such solar-panel sunglasses is not that attractive, it is quite clear that in the near future scientists and developers will be able to make this device even more appealing to the public. Right now with the help of such glasses it is possible to charge small electronic devices such as radio, mobile phone, e-reader or mp3 players and other. Therefore it allows you to make your stay in the sun even more enjoyable and useful.



Solar Powered Gadgets

Solar Powered GadgetsIn our modern world you can see more and more solar powered gadgets being offered on the market. And it is quite clear, since nowadays a very high level of sun-light and sun-heat hits the Earth everyday it is almost unreasonable not to use it in some way. Solar energy is open for everyone and what is far more important – it is free. Therefore if you would like to safe up on electricity bills, help to sustain our environment and make a useful and valuable contribution to your own and your children’s future, then you definitely should have at least one of these cool and modern solar powered gadgets.



Solar Powered Fan

Solar Powered FanSolar powered fan can be a great helper if you need a vent to reduce the surrounding temperature in the room. Such fans come in different sizes, forms and applications; they can become handy for attics, cars, garages, and other closed places, where temperature regulation can be vital.

These devices harness the energy received of the sun to keep the area cool and well-ventilated. Solar powered personal fans have a specialized solar panel installed as a main generator of power, which will absorb the light and convert it into electricity, which will make the fan work. Usually solar powered fans also come with temperature controller, which will automatically switch one, when the temperature in the room becomes too high, activating the fan. Ones the temperature is at the needed level the fan will switch off, not using any extra energy, and also relieving you from the constant checking on its work and remembering about switching it off, once you no longer need it.



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