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Solar Powered Air Conditioner

Solar Air ConditionerSolar air conditioning is a process which refers to the air conditioning system, which works on solar power – solar powered air conditioners. Air-conditioning of your house without any use of electric power can only be done through the use of solar energy, which is converted with the help of photovoltaic effect.

A usual solar air conditioner will go together with a solar panel, converter of DC current produced by the solar panel into AC current used by conditioners, and a regular air conditioner. During the day-time, when the sun is up high, a solar powered air conditioner will absorb the sunlight through the panel, which is usually located outside the home.  The absorbed sunlight will be converted into electricity which will make the air conditioner work.



Solar Powered Attic Fan

Solar Powered Attic FanSince attic is the highest place in your house and therefore it accumulates the biggest amount of heat in summer season, your attic for sure will need some proper ventilation, and in this question solar powered attic fan can help you. Since this is the place for which you don’t want to devote much time, however, if you happen to forget to ventilate it the consequences can be quite dramatic. Therefore forgetting about it, or closing your eyes is not an option, though high costs of installing an air conditioner there to cool down the space which you don’t actually use is not a solution either. Proper ventilation for least costs and for minimum of your involvement can be provided with the help of a solar powered attic fan.



Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

Solar Powered Outdoor LightsThe best solution to your outdoor decoration, lighting and other purposes are solar powered outdoor lights. Solar energy is an alternative, free and environmentally friendly energy that can be used in different household appliances as well as lights. It can power everything from smaller electronic devices to big outdoor lights chains. Do not worry about high monthly electricity bills, as the costs of using solar energy are equal to zero. Therefore you will be able to save up on electricity as well as enjoy other great benefits that solar powered outdoor lights offer.



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