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Solar Powered Camera

Solar Powered CameraMany of us enjoy taking photos or making videos, however it usually hard to predict when the camera battery will run out of charge, therefore it is time to shift to solar powered camera which will be the most committed and effectively-working device, no matter for how long you may need it.



Solar Powered Camera - great solution for everyone

Such a camera will have a charge panel installed in order to absorb sun-light and convert it into the power to ensure the work of the device. Such a solar panel would usually be embedded directly on the gadget to ensure the best position. The solar panel is usually smaller than a usual solar portable charger in order to provide the portability of the device itself. From the mere outlook the difference is not seen. But at the end of the day you will still have your camera working perfectly without worrying for any additional batteries or for losing the opportunity to take a shot. So in any place you can easily use your portable photo printer and print pictures within several minutes.

Of course shooting outdoors in full sunlight which falls directly onto the solar panel will use a lot less Solar Battery power than if you will be shooting indoors or in low-light locations and places. Though, it shall not make you suspicious, it is still the best option if you want your camera to stay on during a long concert or simple sightseeing.

From our video you can find out how to make your own solar-powered wireless security camera.



You can also buy high-quality cameras from world-known producers.

Splendid Solar Powered Cameras from different producers

Brooklyn Deals retailer offers its product “Solar Power Digital HD Video Camera Camcorder with Dual Charge Panels”, it is a good camera with 12 Mega Pixels and 3 Inches Large Screen. This camera works on 4 AAA batteries which are recharged with the double solar panel. However the other very useful and interesting product, based on this idea was launched into the market. Solar powered security camera helps simple households and big enterprises. It can transmit wireless video for long distances, even up to ~20 miles, working only from the power of the sun. No additional electricity is needed, the solar panel will absorb the light and convert it into energy, storing it for further uses during the night.

The Sun Surveillance company,  USA, offers such a product - SolsticeCam Mobotix Fixed IP Network Camera (SS-MFIC-900MHZ-P). It was developed recently and was named as the latest in the line of wireless solar powered camera systems. It has less power consumption in comparison to competitors.  It is also provided with additional services such as free recording software and other.

The Digilant® company also took a step further. Solar powered cameras are now used not only in household, but also as a security system for some shops. Though there is also the Digilant Patrol-Cam™. It is a revolutionary new digital controlling camera which had its purpose to serve to patrolling security and law enforcement officers. As planned by the manufacturers the camera has a possibility to unobtrusively record the whole day’s activities from the wearer perspective. It may also provide valuable historical video intelligence, previous recordings and other, which can be easily retrieved at any needed time.

Therefore a solar camera is a great solution for everyone. It is the best in providing people with valuable memories and letting the owner forget about the problems with the battery. You will also put value of other useful solar devices for home like Solar Powered Oven, Solar Powered Garden Lights or Solar Powered Radio.

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