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Solar Powered Heater

Solar Powered HeaterNowadays you can supply heat for your entire household by the means of solar powered heater. During winter seasons the sun provides incredible amounts of light. Even if it is cold outside, the sun still gives out its light-energy. It is not a surprise that today the costs of heating gas, oil and electricity are getting higher and higher. Therefore a new alternative solar heating is the greatest relief for your headache and problems about wasting capital. Solar powered heater will rapidly pay off itself even after first winter season. Since solar powered heaters usually have a warranty for up to 20 years or so, be sure that an economically efficient future is already in your hands. Solar powered heaters are great because they save energy and your money.


How do Solar Powered Heaters work?

The basic concept behind solar heating is quite simple. Solar powered heaters are able to capture the heat coming from the sun and transport it into a space that requires heating. It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside – the sun shines with the same strength and direct sun rays may have even more light than in summer. Since your monthly bills are comprised of many things but waterand space heating represent almost half of it; but both of those can be easily cut down by solar power. Therefore solar powered heater is a great investment for your future.

Benefits of Solar Powered Heater

Solar powered heaters have a number of great advantages. As you have already realized – solar energy is an alternative energy which is available for everyone and is totally free. That is why you can save money while using any of solar household device like solar heater, Solar Powered Fridge or Solar Water Pump. Even though you may not be able to install solar heater to heat your whole household, the reduction of monthly bills will be felt right after the first month of usage. Since solar energy is also environmentally friendly, solar heater will have no harmful emissions released into the atmosphere while working. In such a way you not only benefit yourself, but help to protect the environment. Solar heaters are also quite during their operations, therefore you will not be distracted by continuous noises.

From our video you can find out how to heat your home for free with the help of Solar Energy.



However, keep in mind that the working ability of the solar powered heater is maximized when it is placed in the proper sunny place and under the right angle, so that it can get the most sun-light exposure as possible.

Offers on the Market

Solar heaters are exposed in the market as widely as portable photo printers or compact irons. Heaters are very different and may be different in application uses. WanKing Chinese solar products manufacturer offers Heat Pipe Solar Collector, It absorbs solar radiation by the means of evacuated tubes and converts it into heat. It is very efficient, every time when the water circulates through the pipes the temperatures may be raised by 5-10oC / 9-18oF. The American producer Solar Panels Plus can offer you its Solar Powered Radiant Heating System, which is easy in installation and maintenance and will keep your home warm and cozy during colder seasons.

Solar devices are able not only to heat but also to cool your house. You can use Solar Fan or special Solar Powered Attic Fan to reduce the surrounding temperature in the room.

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