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Solar Powered Fridge

Solar Powered FridgeOne very popular trend in modern households to sustainability and eco-friendliness is the change to alternative, solar power, and therefore new devices - such as solar chargers, solar toys, solar panels and even solar fridges and other - that use solar energy as their primary source of power. These devices are now aggressively entering the market.

If you can think about one very common, electricity consuming household device at your home you for sure will think about TV, air conditioner, compact flat iron and also refrigerator. All of these electronics can be turned into more efficient, eco-friendly equipment. Solar powered fridge uses solar panels to absorb sun-light and convert it into the energy needed for its successful functioning. Since sun-light is widely accessible and relatively inexhaustible source of energy it is very useful to use solar powered fridges where the electricity is not available.



Several reasons to buy Solar Powered Fridge

By offering the solar power as a major source of its operations there is no more restrictions or inconveniences in storing your quickly-spoiling food. Before, if you wanted to go for a picnic or camp near the lake, you had to go without a fridge or take your small car refrigerator. Now the problem is solved due to the possibility of running the big fridge from solar panel. Moreover, in your camp you can take other solar devices: Solar Powered Backpack, Solar Camping Lantern and other Solar Powered Camping Equipment. In this case you will have enough free electricity for any purposes like charging your devices or lightening your camp.

The idea of solar powered fridge initially came from developing countries, particularly from African countries, such as Zambia, Namibia or other. Mainly due to the fact that in these areas electricity is often not readily accessible. And in order to somehow preserve perishable foods the portable solar fridge was developed. It is easy to move such a fridge from one place to the other; and it also reduces negative environmental impacts on our ecological system.

Right now solar fridges are available on simple markets. Such a product is of a great value since it can provide you all the benefits that a normal fridge has, and in addition it is not electricity dependant, doesn’t produce harmful effect on the environment, needs only one-time initial investment and will reduce your monthly electricity bills dramatically.

From video below you can get more information about advantages of Solar Powered Fridges .



Best models of Solar Fridges

The Northern Tool & Equipment retailer offers wide range of solar fridges; one of them is a “Sundanzer Solar-Powered Refrigerator - 8 Cubic Ft”. This solar powered fridge has exceptionally low energy consumption and provides lower operating costs. It has an 80 Watt solar panel installed in order to capture the sun-light, 110 Ah battery and 15 Amp charge controller. Sustainable.co.za – Online Eco-Store offers solar fridges from a brand “Minus 40”, the models from BS or S series are the most popular products. For example “Chromadeck Chest Combination Fridge/ Freezer - S230” is a fridge that also serve as a freezer, via settings, therefore satisfying even wider range of needs. Its capacity is 230 litre, including five baskets. This fridge has a superior insulation and also very efficient 12 or 24 volt refrigeration system with Amp rating of 5 Amps. Through this it minimizes the power consumption whilst giving high standards of performance which are equal to a mains power appliance.

With the help of solar devices you can not only keep your food, but also cook different meals, heat or warm your house and do lot's of other things without any operating costs. Such household devices as Solar Oven or Solar Powered Heater are able to bring lots of benefits both for your health and wallet.

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